Coinscrap helps you save for them


Coinscrap rounded every purchase you make with a credit or debit card and automatically transfer the difference to a savings account.




Imagine that every purchase helps you save for your life! You can round to the nearest euro, € 2 ... Or also define a monthly value.


Secure and encrypted

“When handling your data, Coinscrap uses the 256-bit AES encrypted security method that responds to banking-level requirements. Furthermore, we will never store or share your data without your full consent. “

Trusted partners

“CoinScrap is the exclusive insurance agent of CASA DE SEGUROS REUNIDOS (CASER) with nº2528 / 3651651, exercising under the supervision and control of the Ministry of the Economy through the General Directorate of Insurance and Pension Funds.”

much for little

Automate savings

“CoinScrap rounds off every purchase you make, automatically. The algorithm calculates your rounding every Friday and brings the total amount to your coinScrap savings account. “

Connect countless cards or accounts

“You can connect credit or debit cards as well as unlimited bank accounts to optimize your savings and achieve your goals faster.”

Safe and reliable

“With respect to the privacy and security of your data, we do not play. Integrity, privacy and security are priorities in coinScrap. “


“It is very important for us to allow each user to save the desired quantities at their own pace. You can, re-adjust the saving parameters of your goals at any time; increase the amount of your goal, reduce your contributions, reduce the deadline to get it. “

Initial, periodic or occasional contributions

“We at coinScrap want to allow users to save at their own pace, so with the” Spot Contribution “function you can upload the desired amount in a timely manner. You can also contribute on a regular basis to guarantee the scope of your objective within the desired period of time and when you start your objective you can also contribute money with an initial contribution. “

Savings magazine

“You will never receive better advice to save. We share articles about saving tricks from the most basic to the most complex, based on studies carried out by Economists and Nobel Laureates. “

Start saving money

Set up your savings

Select the type of goal you want to achieve by savings. Since it is not the same to save for a short-term whim such as a holiday trip than to save for a long term one such as retirement.


Connect your bank

Connect all the bank accounts and cards you wish to use to round-up transactions. We have access to 99% of Spanish banks. However if you can not find your bank, please get in touch with us.


Start saving

Select how much you want to save, the deadline to achieve your goal, and up to how much you want to round-up. You can even complete your savings with a monthly contribution. We will make sure that you reach it.


Find us in the press

"Designing an app to invest and save has a reward. "
Faro de Vigo

Carmen Villar

"Semolina and Coinscrap, prizes of young entrepreneurs. In the Young Entrepreneur category, Coinscrap was the winner this year. "


"A person who uses the card as the main means of payment can save 40 to 80 euros per month with our app. "


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Descárgatela ahora Coinscrap App!

Coinscrap es una aplicación que redondea al euro más cercano las compras que realizas con tu tarjeta o los cargos de tu cuenta y automáticamente transfiere la diferencia a un producto de ahorro de CASER seguros.

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